Two thousand years of history are felt in the monumental architecture of Ourense, a range of buildings that invite you to travel back in time: to medieval Ourense, Renaissance, Baroque, Modernist ... and even much earlier, to the Roman and pre-Roman city, famous for the gold of the river Miño and the hot waters of As Burgas.

Thermal Baths

Located practically on the course of the Miño river, it is an open-air thermal complex at the foot of an old wooden mill (an acea) that has been completely restored, from which it takes its name (muíño is the Galician word for "mill"). It is surrounded by a large green recreational area, which merges with the riverside vegetation of the place.

The complex consists of five pools: a main pool of 200 m2, a second of 130 m2 and two smaller pools of 55 and 45 m2, as well as a cold water pool for contrast baths. The bathing water here is around 40º C. The whole complex is fed by several springs that flow at temperatures between 65 and 72º C, some of the hottest in the Iberian Peninsula.

The waters of these thermal baths are weakly mineralized and alkaline: bicarbonate-sodium, fluoride and silicate.

The thermal area of Muíño da Veiga is accessible on foot. The nearest parking is very close, with access from the N-120.It is also possible to park on the opposite shore, in the area of Reza. Both parking lots are free of charge.