Points of interest

The Roman Route allows the visitor to enjoy the landscape of vineyards and monasteries of the Ribeira Sacra.

Monforte, capital of Ribeira Sacra

MONUMENTAL CONJUNCTION OF SAN VICENTE DEL PINO, formed by the Tower of Homage, the Condal Palace and the Benedictine Monastery (these two buildings are now part of the Parador de Turismo de Monforte). TOWER OF HOMAGE The Tower of Homage is the gateway to Monforte and from the outside is the standard of the city that acts as a beacon that identifies Monforte for the visitor.

Roman churches and monasteries

-Monastery of the Bernardas de Ferreira de Pantón

-San Miguel de Eire

-Church of San Fiz de Cangas

-San Esteban Atán

-San Vicente de Pombeiro

-Monastery of Santo Estevo de Ribas de Miño

-Wineries and "Heroic Viticulture": Regina Viarium, Algueira, Abadia da Cova, Via Romana

Canyons of the river Sil and mirador de Sober

Depending on the time of year you will travel by tourist train (from October to May) or by tourist boat (from June to September) to visit the Sil canyons, whose characteristic landscape is drawn by spectacular gorges formed by the river and the slopes full of vineyards, arranged in terraces taking advantage of the slope.

Fluvial beach of A Cova

12.8 Km from Casa Pedro near Belesar on the Miño river, one of the emblematic enclaves of the Ribeira Sacra, an essential visit on the banks of the Miño river

Waterfall "Agua Caida"

About 4 km from Casa Pedro, 2.8 km of road through a native forest of oak and chestnut trees and an impressive waterfall of about 40 meters, the route is not suitable for small children or people with reduced mobility.